May 7th, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

This is driving me nuts!

Last night, I was in bed trying to fall asleep. I was almost asleep when suddenly, a movie popped in my head. A movie I haven't seen in years and I don't really remember the cast. I remember parts of the movie, so I'll list them in the hopes that you guys can help me! It's driving me barking mad, so if you even have an idea of the movie I'd be so appreciative!
Okay. There's a girl and a guy. They both live on a lake, across from each other. The guy has a telescope pointed at the girl's house and he watches her and her family. The girl lives in a messed up household if I remember correctly. There was a dad and a mom (or possibly just a mom or dad and the other is gone...that's an iffy point). I think there's a brother. She's always fighting with her parents\parent. She meets the boy and they become friends (or something more). She's at his house and sees the telescope pointing at her house. I know they fight but they might make up. Something happens to her (drugs I think) and she ends up in the hospital, rehab or something. She gets a crush on her doctor, unhealthy crush. She writes a letter to the boy and I think that's where the movie ends. I *think* the lead actress is a popular actress. It's from the 90s I think. I remember liking this movie and I have no idea why the movie popped in my head. Argh! What movie? Any ideas!?
Oh...wait a sec! As soon as I posted this the movie title Mad Love popped in my head...I think it's that movie xD

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Weird Al -- with me

Sara isn't as big a Potterphile as she used to be

I'm thinking of changing my LJ layout. I'm not obsessed with Potter as I used to be. *waits for the shocked gasps to die down*
I still love Potter, I always will and I'll always be a part of the fandom to some degree. However, I'm not obsessed like I used to be. I haven't really read a Potter fanfic in over a month! I still look at fanart if it's somebody on my f-list but I don't go out of my way to look at...hp_art_daily anymore. The newest Potter movie isn't the movie I'm looking forward to the most. That's X-Files and then Indiana Jones and then Potter. I still want HBP promo photos of course, but I'm not going nuts at the lack of photos.
I might be in NYC for the premiere but even so, I probably won't go to it (main reason is because I'll be in NYC with a friend, if I were alone I might go). This time last year, if I found out I'd be in NYC for the premiere I'd go. Heck, if I found out it was a few days earlier, I'd change my hotel booking and I'd go. I'm not seeing HBP at midnight. Actually, I probably would even though I'm not crazy about Potter anymore but I'll be NYC when it comes out and I want to see it with imonsie, so for her, I'll see it during the day.

Er, point is. I don't really want my layout anymore. Both pieces of art on the header are absolutely gorgeous and they're commissions for me but...I kinda want something new. Plus I can look at those lovely pieces of art every time I glance at the wall :D
I have to see it I can save the layout html first, since a friend went through a lot of trouble to make it for me!

I'm drawing up a new layout on Adobe. I can't make the layout myself, since I still suck at these things, but I can at least get an idea for when I have somebody make it for me :P

I don't see myself changing my user name anytime soon. I still <3 Buckbeak, he kicks ass!

My main fandoms right now are South Park and X-Files if you were curious ;D

Bring it to attention that I'm still a Potterphile, I'm just not really into it at the moment. I totally see myself getting Potter crazy in November, but...right now I'm not really into it O.o