April 23rd, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

Writer's Block: Happy Earth Day

What do you do EVERY day to take care of the earth's environment? What could you do more of?

Well, I carpool with a classmate every day. We changed the bulbs to those better ones, I buy only organic California produce, our meat is free range and hormone free (yeah, we eat meat but at least we do that...one day I hope to become a vegetarian...), and the eggs we buy are organic. We don't use chemicals in our garden and we have a lot of flowers that attract bees and such. I recycle daily, I actually go through our bin and separate the paper and plastic and such. I turn off the faucet when I'm brushing my teeth, I use cold water when doing laundry, I take quick showers and don't put it on really hot (warm), I use cloth bags when going to the market. I turn off lights when I'm not in the room and I take my car to the car wash (they use less water then if you do it yourself, and they dispose of it in a way where the contaminated water doesn't end up in the environment).
Uhhh...oh, I don't use clay cat litter, I use recycled paper litter.

I know there's more but...I can't remember. Heh :P

What can I do? I can become a vegetarian. That would help a lot and I do want to become one, at this point in my life however, I just don't have the self discipline to become one. I could drive a hybrid but decided against getting one because of the issues they have right now. I fully plan on getting a hybrid when I get my second car (these issues might be worked out!). I could stop buying leather shoes. I don't buy anything leather except for shoes because I just can't really find any non-leather shoes for my feet. I could also use that liquid-less car wash..I actually plan on ordering that eventually ;)