April 8th, 2008

South Park--Kyle_oy vey!

music really does calm the savage beast

I downloaded a trial version of OpenCanvas and I like the program itself, I can see it has so much potential. I just generally fail at it. I tried drawing something simple...Kyle (cartoon!). His nose sucked, his eyes sucked, his mouth sucked, there was general suckage going on. I tried doing the same thing on pen and paper and it was much better, so I know I can draw Kyle in that style (heh). I did some tricks to help with drawing with a mouse, slowing down the scroll for example. I just utterly fail at drawing with a mouse. His ushanka was alright, which is downright bizarre because his hat is hard for me to draw properly!
I want to learn how to use this program but first I need to figure out how to freaking draw with the mouse! For now I suppose I'll continue drawing on paper and scanning then coloring in with the program. Poor Kyle, I butchered him.
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Remember my post complaining about my lack of mouse skills here? Well, I'm still complaining! I wanted to go to sleep and try to finish that Kyle project later. I couldn't sleep though so I decided to finish it up. This is my second attempt at working with a mouse in OpenCanvas, my first attempt shouldn't even be seen by human eyes! I'm actually kinda proud of it. After a day of raging over the mouse I finally finished it...where you can tell who the character is! The head is a bit too big but I didn't want to attempt to fix it, I would probably have decapitated the poor dear! You would have heard my screams in England! The proportion between his eyes and nose is also whacked...I actually wanted to have open eyes but I gave up, I am just really bad at eyes. Gave him a ^_^ kinda face. Heh

So, tell me what you think.

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