March 28th, 2008


Life is a river and I want to keep flowing

Colorado River, Grand Canyon

It's nice to know that no matter how hard my life is, no matter how down I feel about myself, that I have people who love and support me. It's a lovely feeling.

We got together again later yesterday (Thursday) to shop at the Beverly Center. I hate that mall but I didn't really care. I was dragged throughout a clothing store and gave my opinions on the outfits he chose and picked out stuff myself (like last time). The boy can wear almost anything! Roar! xD

We all had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Well, most of us had dinner, neither Ben nor I were hungry (I haven't eaten since brunch!) so we had smoothies. Strawberry colada for me and mango raspberry colada for him, we tried the other. Yummy stuff.

After spending about 3 hours at the mall\dinner with my family we had to part ways. After a last goodbye hug we all parted. Parting is always an emotional time for me. I'll be bummed for about two days before I get back on my groove. There's always the phone (and facebook, heh).

Had therapy at 10:30 and I'm about to go to sleep (falling asleep here).

Today (Friday), Ben is going on a tour of the UCLA campus. I'm getting more and more excited and he still has another year and it's not for sure. I hope he gets to come here, that would be so wonderful. We already chattered together that we could get together for lunch\dinner\movie\whatever once a week or so. Gah, I hope he gets accepted! (plus he wants to go into Medical School and they're one of the best).
I don't get to see him today, they're leaving soon after the tour of the campus. He'll call me though (or text, hehe).

I don't think I'll do a lot of bulk photos posts. I'll do a few posts with lots of photos but I like the idea of one or two photos every time I post. So expect that (plus the occasional bulk post).