March 24th, 2008


Meteor Crater & Day 3

I can't upload photos from my camera until I get home (laptop doesn't have correct software) but I did take this photo of the crater with my cell phone, so here you go.

We went to Petrified Forest\Painted Desert today, so gorgeous. I got a sunburn from the sun. Desert itself was fairly cool, with a wind, but the sun was strong and I didn't wear a hat most of the time. I have a small burn on my face and my arms...and I think also parts of my feet since I wore sandals, joy.

The petrified wood was gorgeous, it was full of crystals and minerals and the desert was a palette of pinks, reds, purples, and yellows. Not a cloud in the sky and the desert was silent.

On the drive back we took the long way and there was a Sonic's!! I got my smoothie, happy days.

Watched two hours of Law & Order and then Goblet of Fire.

Tomorrow we might go to the Canyon, unsure yet. Then Wednesday we drive home and Thursday I see cousins!

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