March 19th, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

A nerd post!

I want this cake!
This cake is so gorgeous, beautifully detailed! I don't think I'd have the heart to cut into such a piece of art though.

I started playing Twilight Princess again yesterday, I just couldn't wait until I got back from Arizona! I forgot how hot I think Link is (or maybe 'pretty' is the correct term?). It amuses me, me thinking a video game character is hot, it just shows how nerdy I am. I think Ocarina of Time will forever be my favorite Zelda game but I do adore Twlight Princess

About a week ago I was suffering from writer's block, couldn't think of what to post! I asked you to have me post about something. cartoondoggy mentioned posting art I did within the last year. Well, I did this at the end of 06' but since this is a gamer geek post I figured I'd share it with you :)

I did this when I saw the promotional image for Twilight Princess, I was proud of it. I did it in pencil but used photoshop to darken the lines (you couldn't see it when I scanned it). So it looks like pen here...

While I'm posting some Zelda art, here's some that I did for Wind Waker...
I first did these in pencil, colored them with colored pencil, and outlined in black pen.

The great wind god Valoo

I loved his facial expressions in that game :3