March 10th, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

A random thoughts are floating in my mind

~Milk is good but when you get an ice cold glass of milk from a particularly fine! I am enjoying this glass. :)
~I'm on a Zelda kick again. Been a massive fan since I was a child but right now I'm just playing a bunch of games again. Re-playing Ocarina of Time and Link to the! That stupid fairy Navi pisses me off though. Look! Listen! Squish meee!!!
~I'll play Twilight Princess again (and possibly Wind Waker), is it terribly weird that I lust over a video game character? ^_~
~Mom and Adam are still fighting.
~Going to Arizona in 11 days!
~Seeing Ben in 17 days!
~Again, this cow produced some fine milk! Her udders must be made of gold...or not :)
~Mystery is a cranky old cat and I <3 her
~I picked up some Harel Skaat albums yesterday in Fairfax (major Jewish district). I love Harel Skaat!
~I discovered some new Wrock bands. I absolutely love Ministry of Magic, they are amazing!
~Neville's such a pain in the arse! He'll stare right at you and scratch the couch. I say "NO!" and he'll tilt his head and look innocent and then scratch some more! He knows better, he does...he just likes to push buttons.
~I'm at nearly 1,000 miles on my space ship! I love my car and I'm always paranoid!
~Lastly, I believe Hell froze over for I, Sara Alperin of West Los Angeles,! Yes, a date! With a real human! I met him at EB Games, I needed to replace my Wind Waker disc since my old one was basically dead. We chatted about Zelda and we're getting together later this week to see 10,000 BC :D Even if it doesn't work out, we could be friends. I'm still in shock over it @_@