January 22nd, 2008

Weird Al -- with me

I might need a new computer

So I'm annoyed. I let my brother use my computer the other week and ever since then it's been crapping out on me! I try to do a spy sweep and a virus sweep. it takes out some stuff but my computer is still being a piece of garbage. It's unbearably slow, some of the programs refuse to load (sometimes...last night iTunes didn't work and today it does). Worst of all? When i try to just relax with a computer game and not worry about how it's messed up, and if I press 'esc' to get out...sometimes I hear my computer drive just click off and my screen goes blue (OH NOES!!!). So yes, I can't find the source of what is basically killing my computer. I might need to just get a new computer which really bites since I only have $400 in the checking account, not enough for a desktop! Maybe I can put a down payment on it or something...but I'm trying to save for NYC! Every time I get some money for NYC something comes up where I need to spend that money! I'm going to check into finding a repair place but I'm also looking into a new computer and that is where you, my friends, come in. I need some suggestions. I need a computer with a good amount of memory since I have an insane amount of photos and songs. I'm also a gamer that likes games with good graphics so a good graphics and sound card is also important. High memory, good amount of space, good sound and graphics, card...basically a gamer, music, photo computer! I hate Dell so don't recommend one to me. I like HP quite a bit and I won't touch Gateway either. So...yeah, got any ideas? I'm willing to go for a laptop if it has my requirements of a desktop (and has a full keyboard and really clear screen). Not a Mac either, got nothing against Macs but I just don't want one.

I'm so pissed about this...
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Weird Al -- with me

I always do this

What am I going to watch tonight and tomorrow night?

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I never got around to this, but this death also made me sad;
RIP Suzanne Pleshette

I wanted to post the rest of my Arizona photos today but I was too busy chauffeuring my brother around the city and yelling at the computer. Maybe I can still do it...probably not though, woe!
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