December 10th, 2007

Weird Al -- with me

SEX!!!! Now that I have your attention, more photos from my Lake Tahoe trip1

My first final was today, it was hellishly hard, but I think I did alright. Tomorrow I have two finals and Wednesday I have one final and then I'm done. I've been studying so much my brain feels like it's going to pop!

I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to upload all my vacation photos, I checked and I have at least 250 more to do! To make it easier I'm just uploading in any order so the ones I like more are being uploaded first. I'll eventually get them all uploaded, maybe when the beings from Omicron Persia 8 come to Earth...
Anyway, some highlights of my second day in Tahoe...

Mom and I basically drove around the lake, stopping many times so I could take pictures. Mom wasn't into the whole getting cold thing so she usually stayed in the car while I took the pictures. It was about 20 degrees with the wind and the sky was perfecly clear, I didn't mind it at all! At one point, up in North Tahoe, was saw a snow machine and some kids taking advantage of the amount of snow they already put down. We parked and I ran to frolic in the snow for a few minutes. After that we headed back to South Lake Tahoe and went to the shopping center that was built since the last time I was there (2000). Before heading back to the car we stopped at Coldstone to get some hot chocolate. After having dinner we did some more gambling and I actually won a spiffy amount of money (which I have since spent, lol).

The next day (the 24th) we went back to the shopping center to take the gondola up the mountain. I'm not that great with heights. It's funny because I can take a plane and go up a tall skyscraper but I am not fond of being in a swinging gondola, a car up on a high mountain road, etc. So for a few minutes I jumped at every sway but eventually I settled down. There were two stops on the gondola, the first stop was half way up the mountain where we got out to look at the view. Absolutely stunning! You could see for miles and miles! On one side you could look at the desert and Carson City and then if you turned around you saw mountains as far as the eye can see. I took some pictures, enjoyed the crisp air, and grumbled at the high altitude sun. After that we took the gondola up the rest of the way, about 11,000 feet up and there was snow! Most of it was man made but there was some natural snow. It was actually warmer up on the mountain then down below which was funny. Down at the lake you had the nutty wind making it 20 degrees and up there it wasn't windy at all and I think the temperature was 32. I actually saw some people with sandals, high heels, tank tops, shorts, etc. I would go out in a t-shirt in that weather (if it wasn't windy) but I wouldn't wear sandals in the snow...well maybe I would for a minute just to say I did but I wouldn't do it long term! hehe
After playing in the snow, watching skiers, sitting on a snowy log, and just enjoying the smell of the mountain air I had some lunch. Best hot chocolate I've had in a long time! After that we went back down the gondola and it was kinda scary since we were going steep. We shared the gondola (is that even the right word? xD) with a nice couple who also hail from LA.

After we got back down to lake level (7,000 feet elevation) we drove around the neighborhoods just looking at the lovely houses then drove to Zephyr Cove for dinner. Thus ends another day!

Behind the cut are photos from my drive around the lake and the gondola\mountain pictures. My next vacation post (hopefully soon) will be photos from the drive home :)

Oh, if you didn't see my first vacation photos and you would like to, you can find them here

A little preview of the photos, the sun is going down which gives the water that sparkle :)

These photos were taken on the 23rd of November.
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These photos were taken the 24th of November
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I took more photos from this day but these are the very best, so I posted them :)
I should be posting photos from the drive home in a few days. I kinda got my motivation once I started working on this post (last night, lol). So keep an eye out if you want to see them!
Question for the HTML savvy; is there a code where I can post a photo and it'll be a certain dimension but if you click on the photo it goes to your photobucket (or whatever), where the true size of the photo is located? These photos would look so much nicer in their high-def version but that's too big for LJ ya know?
What is happiness? Happiness is going to the book store and knowing that once finals are over you can celebrate by starting your new pile of books!
Lastly, Meteor shower!. I might drive to a nice location to view it :D