November 4th, 2007

Weird Al -- with me

Because Monsie asked me to and I love Monsie

So, an update I guess!

This week was decent. Classes went well, therapy was alright, and mom wasn't as bitchy as usual.

The other day, while getting gas, I saw a bunch of police cars across the street. I found out later that a dead body was discovered, crazy. :\

I'm thinking of going to Arizona for the winter to visit imonsie and partake in the joy that is Arizona winter. My cousins usually come down for the winter but I doubt they will this year since they were here quite a bit in the spring. That's so unfortunate but if I do go to Arizona at least I'll get to hang out with Monsie and her husband, see the Grand Canyon (north rim!), force watch OotP with Monsie (it's tradition!), and bake holiday cookies! It's sad but I've never baked holiday cookies with anybody. I bitched about that to mom the other day: "you're Jewish". So? We could have made...Menorah shaped cookies! Nope. Mom made holiday fudge but never wanted me to help, I would be in her way. In July I baked cookies with Ben which was so wonderful, it was the closest I came to baking holiday cookies. Yes I'm caught up in it, I like having beautiful family bonding moments and don't get enough of them. Oh well, if I bake with Monsie it'll be nearly like that since she's basically a sister.
So I'm looking into airfare and hotel prices. I don't know whether it pays to rent a car or not.

I'm also saving up for New York City next September. I am going, no way around that! Back in July Ben and I talked about Equus. We both stated that if it came to Broadway we'd see it together. I wonder if it'll actually happen now that it is coming to Broadway. It's in September so it would have to work around school schedules (and job if I have one). I also want Monsie to join us which would be fun! I actually want to turn that trip into a crazy Broadway trip. I'd love to see Wicked, Phantom, and Lion King again! Then see Spamalot! :D

So my saving up for the Xbox 360 was bumped back...again. It's now farther down my list;
a. holiday presents for friends\family
b. Arizona\winter trip
c. NYC trip
d. Xbox 360

Looking at this, I don't know if I can get to D.C. next summer. If I go to NYC in the fall..then D.C. might be out. Bummer, well we'll see how it goes but I won't keep my fingers crossed.

OH! That reminds me, please email me your full address if you would like a holiday card. I've been doing this a few years now and made some new friends over the last year.
My email address:

I want another South Park movie..but how can they top their last one!? xD

I suppose that's it.