October 24th, 2007

Weird Al -- with me


These fires remind me of two books I enjoyed as a teen by two authors I enjoyed.
Magic Fire by Christopher Pike and Flash Fire by Caroline B Cooney

Also, thinking about these books makes me want to go to the garage and look for the suitcase full of them. I loved these books, Christopher Pike was one of my favorite authors and I shamelessly admit to still enjoying his stories. They were so original for a teenage author, at least I thought so! Two of my favorite stories from him are The Tachyon Web and The Starlight Crystal, although I loved all his stories! Another two authors I enjoyed were R.L. Stine and L.J. Smith. Stine is well known but Smith not so much. Stine wrote the Goosebumps and Fear Street series which I followed and Smith was the creator of the Night World series which I loved. I still have all their books too. I think I want to just take the weekend to just read these books again.
There were teen authors I followed but those were my favorites.