October 3rd, 2007

Spirit---You've got to be kidding

I'm probably not even going to bother playing this game

They are butchering a classic game!
Pisses me off. The only good ones were 1-3. The fourth was decent and the rest just sucked!!! Either stop making this game or give it back to Insomniac Games! It doesn't even look like Spyro anymore :(

This is like those movie people that keep making more Jason, Halloween, Aliens, etc movies. Leave the series alone! By continuing the series you make it cheap. Ugh

Oh and there's supposed to be a Jurassic Park 4 and a Mummy 3 (or is it 4?). Argh! I don't know if I'll bother seeing it. Rachel Weiss isn't in it! Is Fraser? As for JP..I don't know. If the trailer looks alright then I'll give it a shot. I love my dino movies...


I just got this from Rotten Tomatoes...
Over at Bloody-Disgusting, this is quickly shaping up to be the Week of News About Sequels You Will Not Want to See -- hot on the heels of yesterday's report about Alone in the Dark II, the site is offering up a bit of incredible (in the worst sense of the word) news about Jurassic Park IV.

According to the item, casting for the sequel -- which has already been confirmed to feature Laura Dern -- is officially under way, with filming set to begin in Kauai later this year. But that isn't the incredible part, oh no. Straight from the article:

We're told that the film is about the government which has trained dinosaurs to carry weapons and use them for battle purposes.

Okay, not that the original Jurassic Park was Citizen Kane or anything, but we remember the thrill of seeing the first movie in the theater, and even though we long ago wrote off further installments in the series as deeply unnecessary, we're really struggling with the notion that anyone on the entire planet would think this storyline is a good idea. It really sounds like the kind of thing that might have been dreamed up by a precocious seven-year-old after a few too many bowls of Fruity Pebbles. Which puts it half a leg up on some of the other stuff we've seen in development, but still -- they have to be kidding, right?

OMG, please let this be a false rumor!! That's just..no.
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Car shopping

I think the Mini Cooper is out, at least for my first car. Maybe I'll get it for my second car! I've been doing research and I can't find anything on safety. I found out that they didn't even test the 2007 in safety! Heck, I can't find safety reports for the 2006 either, only 2005 and below. I'm not going to buy a car when I don't know how it'll fare in an accident. *sigh*
Like I said, maybe my second car will be a Mini.
Been doing research on Fords, don't think I'll get a ford. I adored the Fusion, it drove well and it fits my needs but it's a Ford. It's too bad, because my sister-in-law worked for Ford and could have gotten me a deal.
So basically it's most likely down to the Civic and the Fit. Maybe I'll put the Accord on my list, it's a good car.

Just finished my homework. Yay procrastination!

Neville isn't doing well after the vet. The rescue didn't give him shots after 12 weeks and he needed them, so the vet gave him those. Then he got probed and blood taken. He was very squirmy and I think he sprained something when twisting because he limped a little bit last night. He's not limping now but he's walking slow, actually doesn't want to walk. It could be the stress, reactions to the shots, and his sprained muscle doing this. I'm keeping an eye on him, I hope I don't have to take him back to the vet but I will if I have to.

I'm going to test drive the Mini and ask about it. I'll kick myself if I don't. After test driving it and talking to the person I'll make a decision whether to pursue that car or not. We're going to Honda today to test the Fit and Civic.
Weird Al -- with me


I picked out a car! My sister-in-law might be able to get us a deal. I'll find out tomorrow at the latest! So I'll be buying the car Sunday or Monday!
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