July 21st, 2007

Weird Al -- with me

Voice Post

260K 1:20
“Hello everybody, I'm at the Groove, in Los Angeles. I am still waiting waiting to get my book. The system is really screwed up, but when I got ___ I got it within 10 mins I was pretty far back in line for the pre reserves. I pre reserved, you get a gold bracelet with letters on it & they were assigned by groups of letters. I'm J & it's just taking a long time between letters. It's after 1:00 & I am J. Right now though I'm I so I'll be getting my book very very soon, but I just had to share my frustration with everybody. I am very much drained, I am beyond excited to the point where I'm just, my brain collapsed. So, hopefully I'll have enough brain ___ to read the book. The K Mart across the St is havoc, there's no lines, I was tempted but I reserved this special edition, so I didn't do it. So, whatever I'll get it, I'll read at least 2 chapters then I'll sleep then I'll wake up & read & finish it. Well, see you on the ___ everybody.”

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