June 18th, 2007

Weird Al -- with me

life sucks sometimes

Zoe is dead.

I might post details later, I can't right now. I can tell you about my girl though.She was a major runt of the litter. At eight weeks she fit in the palm of my hand and only weighed 1 pound and only got up to 7 or 8 pounds at her last weigh in (January).She was my girl, very licky when she wanted to be, other times very aloof. She only liked me though, didn't really go to mom.
It hasn't really hit yet, I will probably be a basket case after I wake up.

What a great early birthday present :(

Rest In Peace
May 10, 2005---2007

I loved my girl...

Mom wanted to know if i wanted another cat to replace Zoe.. Um...no!

Oh and Father's Day was just so damn fun, I spent it at the cemetery talking to the headstone of my father. Joy.
Yes, I'm a bit bitter right now
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Weird Al -- with me

I have a giraffe named Shipoopi

Thank you everybody for your condolences and kind words over everything. What they say is true about condolences, it's just words but it lets you know people care and I appreciate that.

Thank you gredandfeorge for the lovely birthday art! It brightened my mood, I love his coat and his hair :)
She's the artist that did the art I'm using for my LJ header.

Speaking of LJ header, where can I go to have somebody make me a new one? Mine is just too big but I didn't have any luck when resizing it, completely warped the look to it. Plus I would love having both of my commissions spliced together in one normal sized header and I don't know how to do that at all.