June 12th, 2007

Weird Al -- with me

Big Pimpin!

witherwing7 (10:47:26 PM): I want to go to the coast
witherwing7 (10:47:32 PM): I haven't been there since I was a tiny kid
Ben (10:48:39 PM): WHAT?!?!??!
Ben (10:48:44 PM): i'm TOTALLY taking you
Ben (10:48:48 PM): it's a must see
Ben (10:48:53 PM): especially during summer
Ben (10:48:57 PM): ashely will probably come, too
Ben (10:49:04 PM): because we are attatched at the hip
Ben (10:49:14 PM): that's why everyone thinks she is my girlfriends
Ben (10:49:20 PM): girlfriend*
Ben (10:49:20 PM): haha
Ben (10:49:22 PM): i'm not a pimp
witherwing7 (10:51:28 PM): yay, road trip!
witherwing7 (10:51:33 PM): you so are a pimp and you know it
witherwing7 (10:51:47 PM): I will buy you a big hat with a feather in it and a pimp cane
witherwing7 (10:52:03 PM): and a faux fur coat and boots. Pimp Master Ben : D
Ben (10:52:49 PM): HAHA
Ben (10:52:52 PM): oh ya
Ben (10:52:54 PM): works for me
Ben (10:52:55 PM): i mean
Ben (10:53:01 PM): i am kind of a pimp
witherwing7 (10:53:10 PM): Haha, o rly?
Ben (10:53:15 PM): Ya rly
witherwing7 (10:53:19 PM): no wai!

Haha, we're nerds :3

I have writers block, have no idea what to post about! So I guess I'll leave you with this...