April 1st, 2007

Garfield---feed the teeth!

April Fools Day!

Happy birthday to Fred and George Weasley!

In honor of their birthday I shall post pictures of their rattie namesakes!

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I lost my fanfic master list yesterday and went on a murderous rampage. Well, not really, but I was so steamed! I found it just now though, I'm so relieved. Has 6 months of work and so many stories!
Weird Al -- with me

I haven't done a news post in so long!

People are still denying there's a problem with Earth!
This depresses me

New green comet discovered

Syndey blackout a success
Good for them, I really hope other cities follow this example

Falcon eggs rescued from Bay Bridge

Al Gore returns to Capital Hill

French architect claims solving pyramid mystery
I've heard this theory for years now, how is his new?

Earth's inner temperature taken
6,650 degrees Fahrenheit....that's hot!
Weird Al -- with me

just an old picture

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This is a link Ben gave me, he absolutely loves this singer and I can completely understand why! He (Ben) sang the English version of this song which he gave me (along with three other songs). Absolutely beautiful song, I'll have to check out more of this guy's music.

I've been waiting a hour and a half for a rat customer to get here. I'm expecting somebody right now, they better not show up when the other person is here. I am bloody famished so I'm very frustrated! We don't have much in the house since we got it ready for Passover, I'll be helping mom cook tonight for tomorrow's Seder.