March 30th, 2007

Weird Al -- with me

HAH! I love his on-going joke

Meantime, a blond-wigged Isaacs, who jokes that he got his flowing tresses ''on a time-share with Paris Hilton,'' keeps drawing out his shots with extra bits of dialogue and dastardly eyebrow flexing. He wonders how much of it will survive the editing room.

I love Jason Isaacs XD
Also, shortest movie!? It's the longest book, how can it be the shortest movie!? I'm baffled, I still have hopes for it though.
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Weird Al -- with me

fire nearby

There's a pretty big fire going in not horribly far from me. It's in or on Forest Lawn Drive which is right next to Forest Lawn Cemetary (not where Grandma or dad is). It's spreading and I can see the smoke from here