December 24th, 2006

Weird Al -- with me

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This month's National Geographic cover story made me very depressed. I actually cried a little bit when I saw the cover of the magazine.

Makes me insanely happy. Seriously, I've had a major love and interest in these creatures since I was a little girl. I was sad that it died though, they shouldn't have tried to bring it on board.
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Weird Al -- with me

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A lawsuit against the U.S. government could help the Wiccan spiritual movement gain acceptance.

It always upsets me that Wiccans are classified that way. They don't worship Satan, they don't kill animals for sacrifice...and yet they are classified as horrible people. I'm not a Wiccan but I have a few friends that are and even if I didn't, I wouldn't think of them this way. They are finding a form of spirituality that is different then Christianity, Judaism, etc.

Bah, whatever happened to respect for your fellow man?
Weird Al -- with me

This is why I will be taking computer graphics classes very soon

Made a new journal layout, not happy with it ;p

I don't like the two white spaces on either side of the banner but I can't make it wider, it'll distort it! I do like the color theme, it matches Harry's shirt :3
I want this thing fixed but I just don't have the skills! I want those white spaces gone for one thing and I would love if my journal was one of those things where you can scroll all but the header, no matter how far down you go, you see the header. I've n journals like that, I would love that! I also don't like the whole stretched look of my journal. My previous layout (the Dan one) had a nice look, not stretched. That isn't a big deal though, the other two are my major issues.

I'm also fighting with my Paint Shop and Photo Shop to crop my image so I can make nice icons. I can crop the picture, but then you can't see the details! It's driving me mad!!! I feel better about my crappy graphics skills by looking at the icon I made the other day (the one I am using). I'm pleased with it. Then again, all I did was crop and add a border...and for some reason you can SEE the picture! Major props to whoever recognizes it!