November 16th, 2006

Weird Al -- with me


Okay, first set of photos. These are from the first day there, not many photos. At that point I was paranoid over memory card space. I then remembered I had two memory cards and both had good amount of space. I also took my 35mm Rebel but I couldn't get the lens on! I couldn't get my digital Rebel lens on even though that should be able to hook on. So I'll be taking my camera in, I was mad!

I'll post all the November 9th photos here since there's so little. There's a lot of 10th, 11th, and 12th photos so those will be posted over in my photography journal in full. Over here it will be only a few from each photography set.
weaselses, how did you make that photo directory? I want to make one of those!

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Going to Best Buy to pick up Da Vinci Code and Ice Age II. Mom wants the latter more then I do, grrr 3d movie grrr. I did hear it's good though. Have a therapy appointment.

Man, major drama with grandma while I was gone. She screamed at her caretaker to get out and that she didn't want him. She screamed at his children who he sometimes takes with, these little 5 and 7 year old girls! They were shaking. Grandma doesn't usually do that, she usually just sulks silently. It doesn't seem like he quit since this happened on Sunday but if he ever does quit and we can't get anybody, my aunt will be putting her in a home. At this point it might be best. She used to wash herself with dish washing stuff! Don't get me started on the other things she would do that aren't safe and if she didn't have people supervise her, the only thing she would live on would be a hard boiled egg and coffee.

ZOMG! NEW MOOD THEME!! ANIMATED!!! I've been envying everybody with their animated mood themes and I finally got my own! I'm dead :D