October 3rd, 2006

Weird Al -- with me

I knew it was coming :(

Draco passed away. I knew it was close, he wasn't doing good at all. I think he was old when I got him, he was larger and sturdier then Harry was. A few months ago he developed head tilt that medication couldn't help with, he got a cataract, and his back legs became weak. He could still use those back legs, just not as much. Also, he stopped being grouchy with me and let me pick him up and I think that was more being too tired to avoid me then actually wanting to be held
Draco was a punk, lived up to his name. He beat up Harry, made it difficult for me to clean the cages, and huffed but he was my boy and I'll miss his surly says.
I'm glad I reserved a guy from my friends, he'll have company

Rest in peace Draco, my twichy little ferret
late 2004 or 2005---October 3, 2006
Weird Al -- with me

I'm as white as sour cream

So my brother made me take him to our grandmother's house. My mom dropped the car off at his apartment and I took the bus over there (she had plans with friends). Then we went, it's dark out by the way and I've only driven twice in the dark, well three times now. So we drove to Grandma's and then he told me that I was to drive home alone after I dropped him off. I've never driven alone before and this would be the first time..at night. Well I did it, oy I was tense but I did it. Heh it helped that I only had to drive for five minutes and there was barely any traffic.
So I'm home and I'm not dead. Throw me roses, or better yet, throw me British boys for I drove at night, for five minutes, alone hehe.
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