July 31st, 2006

Weird Al -- with me

It's good to see me isn't it!


See my phone post? You can listen to it and listen to me ramble about SBC but don't bother paying attention for I am not in need of the monkeys fixing the problem! I fixed it myself! Take that 310 change that's messing with all of us! I win! You lose! PWNZ!!! Snape sneers in your general direction! BWHAHAHAHA!!! I'm back! Two points to whoever tells me where I got my subject line from (I knew it before ;)
A serious post to come later :D
Weird Al -- with me

they want you to become less callow, less shallow

I made two new icons! These two photos were taken during the Shamu Dream show (which was fabulous by the way). The first icon is of the little one (Baby Shamu I guess, I wonder if they have private names). The second icon is of the baby's mother (the baby was sticking close by to her after the show and it was a her, you can tell). These icons are so ridiculously easy to create especially the mama one but I love them anyway, so simple. The baby one was a little harder because I had to find the a good color so it wouldn't wash out or look garish. These are actually up for grabs and since I did take the photos I would prefer a shout-out in my direction. Of course that means somebody would have to take them and they aren't that good! :P

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