June 14th, 2006

Weird Al -- with me

he bravely turned his tail and fled.

Hehe sorry if you couldn't understand my screaming babbling phone post. I usually listen to my post and if necessary; repost. Didn't do it this time. So if could not understand me: I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! BWAAAA!!!! I messed up twice that I know of but I did it! Next week I'm going out to dinner for my birthday and I'll have my 'once a year' cake from the local kosher bakery, tis yummy! My birthday's Monday so that's the plan for that day, I plan on going to imonsie's house on Tuesday. I was going to drive there but mom needs to work that day so I'll take the bus. Oh! imonsie!!! I know there is a street hour sign on your block, what's it say? I need to know for when I do get to drive to your place, I'd rather park on the street then the alley if I can help it..
So that's that. We celebrated by going to Marty's Burgers on Pico and having food. I had a double burger with a large orange bang (orange julias) and mom had a chili burger with a small orange bang. We shared fries. Marty's is one of the best burger places, after Apple Pan. It's before Apple Pan if you want the orange drink though...;p
Ooo mom said I can get a window decal! Not a bumper sticker cause those never come off but the decals do. She thought I would get an offensive one, no way! Maybe a HP one...'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good' or 'my rat is smarter then your UCLA student' ;p OH!!! I KNOW!!! I'll get one made that says 'YUMP'. It's an inside joke ;)