May 31st, 2006

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I can't take my mom anymore. I can't! She's not supposed to go to work or drive until mid June. Doctor's orders!!! She forces me to take her to work Monday for three hours, she shouldn't have gone and now that she did that should have been the only day this week. Now, last night mom gave me the option of taking her today or tomorrow. My test is tomorrow and the driving school is near mom's work so this morning I made up my mind. Went out to ask mom if I could take her tomorrow (when she shouldn't go at all) and she said I was a 'lazy, selfish bitch' and that she had to go in today. Monday was the only day since the beginning of April that she's been in! She can't go and she's saying she needs to go. I go to my room to hide out from her and she's screaming in the other room about how she's going to put me in a residential facility, that I'm lazy, a selfish bitch, and stupid. Every time she brings up this facility I mention that I'm over 18, an adult and she can't do that. My therapist says she can declare me unfit to be considered an 'adult'. I'm getting off track, mom left. She was screeching and I could only make out some stuff but she suddenly said 'I'm leaving' and left. I looked out the window and the car is gone. She shouldn't be fucking driving or going to freaking work!!! And this is my fault?
I can't deal with this anymore. She's going to try to send me to one of those things which I don't want to go to. I'm not mentally unbalanced! I have some issues but I'm not a danger to myself or others or any of that! I could survive on my own!!! I need to leave, I need to get some damn money and leave.
Joy, my migraine is back.

edit. Forgot to mention. This will be turned into my fault and the whole family will blame me for mom going to work and for her driving. Family members will tell mom 'we knew she was immature and couldn't help you after your surgery. Why do you put up with her?' etc etc. Mom yelled at me last week saying I did nothing when she first came home. That's right, I only did all the cooking, laundry, helped her walk everywhere, got her the medication, and kept her company. Yah, I did nothing
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Weird Al -- with me

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I went to Curves to let off some steam, it helped. Tomorrow's my test, I'm nervous and resigned at the same time. Deep down I know I'll do good but I'm still freaked out about it. I'm also wary of driving alone once I do pass.
Weird Al -- with me

I live in such a supportive family

mom's home. She's been out of the house for nearly 8 hours and she isn't fully healed. She drove to the office and left at six then went to the market and no doubt lifted all those heavy bags instead of asking for help which the markets offer. Now she's home and telling me not to bother helping her put away, she wouldn't want to 'inconvience the lazy bitch'. Thanks mom. No really, thank you. If mom has a relasp it'll be my fault for not driving her to work. It'll be my fault even though she shouldn't be going to work, much less for seven fucking hours. Nope, the family will all place the blame on me for her driving to work and going to the market alone. Yep, my fault.
I need to get out of the house for the day. I am so freaking happy that I won't be spending my 4th of July with her, last year she was bitchy to me (can't remember the reason). I'll be spending that night with my best friend at the Hollywood Bowl, will be the best 4th I've had in years.
Weird Al -- with me

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