April 21st, 2006

Weird Al -- with me

God rest ye merry hippogriffs!

Okay, I was super tired so I went to bed right? Well I had to use the little banana's room so I did and when I come back I'm wide awake. So here I am like an idiot posting in my journal listening to music and rattie dominance battles.
What to do, what to do.
Earlier I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut because the kosher pizza place isn't open yet (they close during Passover). This was the first time that I'm aware of eating from this place. I was no impressed, it was nasty xp
Oh well, it satisfied my hunger and now I know not to eat a PH pizza again.
My rats are out of quarantine and they are now in my room. Drabble (himi) likes his wheel; he jogs on it all slow and steady.
Probably going to do more driving today, I might get my license by mid-May at this rate. I'm deciding when to see Silent Hill...do I go today during school hours to avoid the little demons or do I go next week? I really wanna see it so I dunno ><
Weird Al -- with me

I changed the names of my boys

Okay, these guys are getting their names changed. These boys are outstanding! This is the first time they have ever been on my bed and really the first time they've been around me (I would hold them during quarantine but not alot). These guys are curious and friendly! They boggle and mark (joy)! These two are so not a Snarry and Drabble. I have renamed them and I think the personalities fit.
The hoodie is going to be Harry after all; he's bold (walked right up to Zoe and sniffed her nose), friendly and outgoing, and likes to explore.
The himi is Draco. He really isn't like the book Draco as far as we know but I don't care; he's Draco! He's more mellow and likes to pancake on the cat afgan. He boggles and licks; so he's Draco (though I doubt that book!Draco licks...;) This guy can also get very flat and he honestly reminds me of a teeny tiny ferret! Lastly, this rat has a sinister look to it, I don't know why. It might be the way the ears lie on the head...kind of pointy ears.
These boys, I have such high hopes that these boys will be some more of my 'soul rats' like the rats of yore; Templeton, Algee, and Roswell. The girls are a different story, they're still kinda skittish.

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