March 19th, 2006

Futurama---angry dome

I have nothing of value to say

There are no words">
It seems that something else happened. My mom told me that the dog (little dog) was shrieking because Heidi just put her mouth around the dog, covering it with dog spit. My aunt did bring the dog straight in and for that I still think she's stupid, but Heidi is such a good girl she accepted it. Becky was being a drama queen. So my aunt 'likes the dog'.
What my aunt says can make or break the rest of the family's opinion on Heidi. If Heidi is a labeled a 'good dog' then everybody likes her. If Heidi is labeled 'agressive' then everybody avoids her. This includes people that have met Heidi and formed their own opinions of her, my aunt will change their opinion. *sigh*
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Weird Al -- with me

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I have the hiccups, haven't had those in a long time! Not only that but they're lasting awhile. It's already been a hour. Send me a scary photo!
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