January 26th, 2006

Weird Al -- with me

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I adore Phantom of the Opera.
I'm listening to it right now; to be exact I'm listening to Notes\Prima Donna. The movie is ok, really good if you weren't exposed to Michael Crawford. If you were, like me, then the movie is only average. Gerald Butler can't hold a candle to Crawford. Hell, the actor that played the Phantom the last time I saw it live can't and he was brilliant!
I saw the original cast perform back when I was a kid, it's one of my cherished memories.
That said, the old 1925 movie starring Lon Chaney was excellent, but we're not really talking about that movie ;p
Okay this was a completely random post but I don't care.

This said, I'm going to sleep
Weird Al -- with me

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Insolent boy!
This slave of fashion basking in your glory!

Ignorant fool!
This brave young suitor, sharing in my triumph!

Angel! I hear you!
Speak - I listen ... stay by my side, guide me!

Angel, my soul was
weak - forgive me ... enter at last, Master!

Flattering child you shall know me, see why in shadow
I hide!

Look at your face in the mirror -
I am there inside!

Angel of Music!
Guide and guardian!
Grant to me your Glory!

Angel of Music! Hide no longer!
Come to me, strange
Angel ...

I am your Angel ...
Come to me: Angel of Music ...

Whose is that voice ...?
Who is that in there ...?

I am your Angel of Music ...
Come to me: Angel of Music ...


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