January 13th, 2006

Weird Al -- with me

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Very interesting. I'd like to go back to Tahoe. I was there one summer and it was gorgous! I'd like to go back during a winter or early spring. I'd kinda like to drive up there but that's nuts; driving to Tahoe in the winter. I'd have to go over the grapevine and through passes which isn't a bright move to do in the winter. Nope, the plane is the way to go.
Weird Al -- with me

Rant of the day: Doctors That Don't Listen!

OKay, so Wednesday I went to see my psychiatrist to evaluate if my new medication is working. It isn't in my opinion. It increases my appitite. gives me headaches, and my sleep pattern hasn't been fixed even though my doctor said it would. I told him all this and he said, 'well let's continue it. Maybe it'll stabliize'
He's always like this, doesn't listen to me. So I'm going to make an appointment with my mom's psychiatrist to see what her opinion is.
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