November 8th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me

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My brother was here again. I talked to mom earlier and she said she would curb him but she didn't. He threatened to take my door off it's hinges because 'I don't desearve privacy'
Mom let him manipulate her. Fuck him. He said I was a bad person and that I obviously don't love mom or dad because of 'what I'm doing to them'
I'm going to hell, I'm a bitch, I'm a 'fat peice of lard', I don't care care of the rats (they are fat and parasite free but I'm a bad rat owner O_o)
Whatever, he says "you don't hate me, you know you love me"
Fuck him. I lost my love for him and he really wonders why my defenses go up the minute he walks in the door?
Fuck him.
Weird Al -- with me

(no subject)

Went to the market and got three new movie magazines. Note to self; watch The Borrowers (Tom Felton).
I also picked up the King Kong book which I've always wanted to read. I am waiting on a few movies;
King Kong
the Johnny Cash movie
I believe that's all that I'm really looking forward to.

There's a very large spider outside our front door and I took a picture of it! It has an eleborate web and I refuse to bother it.
It sucks, when my desk fan is off my room gets too warm but then it gets too cold when it's on! *shakes head*
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