July 30th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me

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Heidi was really good with the baby, actually ignored the baby for the most part. She pricked her ears when the baby cried and did sniff the baby. Actually, one time the baby started crying and Heidi took her stuffed moose to the baby (to play probably). Didn't get the baby to stop crying but I thought it was cute.
Took some photos, will post them later on (tonight maybe).
I want to go away somewhere, a vacation. Mom does too, heaven knows we can both use some relaxation that only a vacation can bring. We almost never fight on vacations so it would do us some good. We both want to go to Cambria but we went there with dad every year. We went the summer of dad's death but not since then...maybe we'll go next summer. Oh, Cambria is in central CA (San Luis Obispo County for you CA residents), near Hearst Castle in San Simien (sp?). We also want to go to San Fransisco but that's out. We want to take Heidi so a city trip wouldn't be that great. That would make Cambria a bad choice too, since the steps down to the beach are very steep.
Our plans are Yosemite, Big Bear, or Lake Tahoe. Tahoe would be a drive since it's past Sacrementao (9 hours from Los Angeles) and it's in the mountains. Actually, it's right near Reno, NV. Yosemite might be good, I haven't been there since I was a little kid. We could stay in the same cabin complex :]
The one place I want to go is definatly out, which is UK. I want to visit the UK in the worst possible way; Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland...actually, I'm not sure if Ireland is in the UK....it is right? No, I do not want to see the UK because of my fandom. I've always wanted to go there. It's my type of climate, green,wet, and just breathtaking. I'm actually saving up for a trip. I've got about $500 saved for it so it'll be a ways ;)