July 27th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me


I made mom watch POA last night. I know we watched it together before but she didn't remember, which was fine by me since I wanted to watch it again. The last time I saw it I realized that I did like the movie. I think that's it's horribly seperated from the book but it was a wonderful movie. Well acted and just beautiful. I came to terms that not everything could be in the movie but I still can't get over the fact that the origin of the Mauraders Map. It would'nt have been so frusterating if Lupin didn't know what it was. In the movie he know's it's a map and he says "mischief managed". How was he to know if he didn't have any previous knowledge of this map? In the book he tells Harry that he was one of the Mauraders, but not in the movie. That's the one thing that I think they really should have left in the movie (that and the scene where Malfoy dresses up like a dementor). Ah well.
Gee so many HP posts lately. What can I say, I love the books with a passion :)
Monsie passed away recently (rat). She developed megacolon (late on-set). I tried easing her pain but came to the conclusion that euthanasia would be the best course of action. It was her death that firmed my stand on her lines. I will not breed her mother or the other female related anymore. I only had one litter with each female. June, who is related to Monsie, had a healthy litter. In fact, one of her daughters was adopting by an LJ friend (oh, if you are reading this, please keep me informed about your's girls health). Monsie's mom, Opal, had a small litter and only Monsie survived. I will most likely place to two girls, together if I can help it. If not, then June will have to be placed with a submissive rat\s. She's also gotten agressive which kinda pisses me off. I heard great things about the rattery she came from. I will not say the rattery's name, but I will say it's nobody local to me. I won't do business with them anymore and will not reference people to them. But I will not talk about said rattery unless another breeder, who is interested in this rattery, asks my exeperience. I'll be tactful about it though. Blah.
I will not be breeding either girl I got back from my uncle. The mother of that litter kinda flipped out. I don't know if it was neurological agression or genetic but I will not breed those girls (since both forms of agression are terrible). I will adopt the girls out together but I will keep their birdcage (unless somebody pays for the cage; it's an ok cage for little weaning babies). I would prefer these two girls not be with any other rats but I am willing to adopt them to people that already have rats as long as that person is rat knowledgable.
Weird Al -- with me

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I just realized that I haven't gone to LJ in two days! Well, that's because I've been doing a lot of other things; cleaning and reading, reading and cleaning. I think some of you know what I've been reading ^_~ (no, not that! lol!)
Oh, that reminds me. I'm going to be doing a custom friends list about my fandoms. If you don't mind reading my babbles about that kind of stuff, then let me know. I know some of you might not be intersted in my fandoms, but you might know somebody who might gain from it (Pinhead *cough*)

I'm also going to be making a custom friends list about depressing posts, family rants (mostly mom and brother stuff).
Weird Al -- with me

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Somebody just returned a rat to me. The father in the family has cancer and the girl is spending all her time in the hospital. She felt it would be better for the rat (and herself since the rat was attached to her dad and that makes the girl sad). So I took the rat back and didn't put her on my "do not adopt to again" list since her reason was valid even if it was very sad.
This rat might be bred. She's a sweet girl, black berk topear that carries blue and dumbo. She's outgoing and healthy :]
I really love her name. The girl is another HP nerd so the rat's name is Pansy (Parkinson). She'll keep the name even if the character is a dog ^_~