July 20th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me

a few ladies

To take my mind off the emptiness that Fuzz left in my heart, I photographed some of my females. Two of these ladies will be bred soon; Padme and Muffin. They are getting to the point where, if I don't breed them now, I never will.
I will be getting three rats from a rattery in Washington which I'm excited about. Two are males; a black harley and a burmese while the other is a female (black eyed siamese).
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Weird Al -- with me

pass it around

Denver has recently reinstated a complete ban on American Pit Bull Terriers and all other related breeds. This ban results in confiscation and death of any pit bull(or any dog 'displaying the physical qualities of the aforementioned breeds') inside the limits of Denver. This CAN include someone driving through the town on their way to another location.


By posting this in your livejournal, you are stating that while this law stays in effect you will boycott Denver in every way, including purchasing items from Denver based companies.
Weird Al -- with me

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Doing a friends cut. Comment if you would like to stay. I will be keeping some of you even if you don't comment and I will be defriending some even if THEY comment.
To those I defriend; nothing personal. I just don't have the time to read every single journal.