July 12th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me

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i am not: feeling good
i hurt: when I have too much dairy
i love: Heidi
i fear: my stomach's wrath
i hear: the rats drinking
i regret: not getting a job when I was younger and getting the experience
i cry: almost every day
i care: about my animals
i listen: to good music
i drive: myself crazy
i sing: like an idiot
i dance: like a bafoon
i miss: my dad
i search: for myself
i learn: about self reliance
i feel: like reading the rest of my book
i know: almost every U2 song by heart
i say: blah
i fail: at many things
i dream: sometimes
i sleep: in a bed
i wonder: about freedom
i want: money so I can move out
i worry: about my rats
i give: myself to my friends
i have: a stomach ache
i fight: the good fight
i wait: for July 16
i need: to finish Sorcerer's Stone
i am: going to finish it before I go to sleep
i think: I will read it once I finish this post
i can’t help that: I'm a nerd

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Weird Al -- with me

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The other day we took our elderly cat, Mr. Scrooge, to the vet for bloodwork. Thirteen months ago my vet removed a fast growing cancerous growth from Scrooge's back. We weren't sure if he beat the cancer. Scrooge kept gaining and losing weight at phenominal speeds. Food would go through him and he would have bladder infections. His bloodwork came in and we have the answer. Scrooge beat the cancer fully, he has a high potassium level but other then that, the vet said "He is probably healthier then all of us"
Yes! Scrooge is seventeen years old. He is suffering from age, not cancer.
Since the cancer he had was so fast, he probably would be dead now if we didn't get it. The fact that he was still alive but having issues made us think he had another form of cancer.
Scrooge is my icon :)

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Weird Al -- with me

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Time to continue reading GOF
There's a party at Borders Friday night...to go or not to go. I would need to take a taxi home if I go...hmmm
*goes to ponder deep in my mind while reading book*