July 5th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me


Today we took Heidi to the vet. Everybody loved her, she was very sweet but scared. She was friendly with the other dogs and backed away when an agressive dog snarled at her. She leaned against me and hid her head in my arms, poor girl.
She got her rabies shot and got her blood drawn to find out if she has heartworm. Her stool sample came back normal and her ears were fine, though one had some gook. She was great when the vet prodded her and didn't do anything when he took her blood. She now has a rabies tag but it won't stay on the collar, I'll have to figure out how to keep it on.
We got her weighed and she is 88 pounds, tiny!
Right now she is asleep on my mom's bed.
Weird Al -- with me

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For the last two nights, when I walk my new dog Heidi (see icon), I see a staffie\akita mix hanging out in front of the same house. There's a collar but it isn't contained or anything. I am not against "pit bull" dogs at all so please don't think that. I am against idiots keeping their dogs in the front of the house without it being contained. The dog crossed the street teeth bared and snarling. Heidi rushed in front of me and started growling. Now, Heidi is dog friendly but I think she got the feeling that dog was going to hurt us so she confronted it. She didn't rush him, just growled and stood her ground. I was afraid we were about to be attacked when the owner came out. "Butch! Get your ass back over here!"
The dog started whimpering and it's tail shot right between it's legs. It slunk over to the owner who promptly smacked it arcoss the nose...hard. I told the owner what I thought of him and walked back toward my house. I plan on calling animal control about animal abuse and about the fact that there is an agressive dog allowed to run free (hell, it's wrong to let a FRIENDLY dog run free).
I feel kinda guilty about reporting the dog since it might be destroyed but I don't know what else to do. This neighborhood has a lot of dogs, kids, and elderly people and that dog was both people and human agressive.
What are all your opinions? Should I do something different?
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Seeing all my friends with happy buns makes me want a rabbit! Of course, just because I want a rabbit doesn't mean I'll adopt one. I do not have the time or money for a rabbit at this point in my life. They seem to be higher maintence then dogs! One day I'll have a bun or two but not anytime soon.
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I didn't do anything yesterday. We stayed home because it was Heidi's first 4th of July with us.
Oh wait, we did do something. We went across the street and shrieked at the people setting off fireworks. It's illegal dipshits and freaks our animals out. Not cool >:O
Weird Al -- with me


Heidi met Louis, the neighbor's goldie. They were great but I still kept her leashed until I was sure all those lunges weren't play, they were ;)
So we went into their yard to romp offleash. Louis, who's not fixed, kept humping her. I kept telling myself "it's ok, she's fixed"
The neighbor, a nice lady but a little ignorant about breeding dogs, said it was too bad she was fixed otherwise they could have puppies together. I told her that even though they are both purebred, it doesn't mean they would be good candidates for breeding, and even if they were, the pups would be mutts and that woud just take homes away from pound dogs. She said "I guess so. We are waiting until our friends goldie is of age"
They want to breed Louis "once" to make some money off the pups. The friend and them would "share the profit"
Since I can't convince them to not breed I asked if they tested his joints and overall health, if they took him to somebody that knows the goldie's standard and evaulate him. Nope, none of the above. "He's a purebred and that is enough"
These people are nice and treat their dog well but they are ignorant. I just mentally headdesked.
Well, at least Heidi has a new friend.