June 8th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me


I have to go for Jury tomorrow at 8:30am in Inglewood. How fun /sarcasm
Also, I applied with a crapload of places and called places I already applied with. I got one interview, with PetCo. The manager said they were overfull then said that they are actually looking for a groomer. Blah...oh well. A jobs a job and I can always transfer later on.
I interviewed with Comp USA today.
A family friend has a warrant out for his arrest. His mother called the cops on him claiming he beat her. He has never hit her, his wife, of his kids. He is an obnoxious person but not somebody that abuses people. The mother doesn't like the son and no I am not exhaggerating. She blames him for her illness when he was born when it was the hospital (small town in Russian). He took him out of the will and said to his new wife "you are making a mistake by marrying this man". I don't really like this person but he has always been decent to his mother, hired an inhome nurse when his father died (she is wheelchair bound). He's a decent person and this is just horrible!
I got my hair done today for the wedding. The hair dressers both said I would look nice with dark dark (almost black) hair and red hair (think Scotland or Ireland). I have the skin and eyes for it. One said I would look "striking". My family thinks I would look horrible. I would look like a goth with black hair and a "whore" with red hair (my brother said the latter...surprised?). Why can't my mom trust their judgement? SHe goes to her and really likes her. Well I'll let Kate (hair stylist) tell her tomorrow (mom is getting her hair dyed!)
I got my hair dyed a shade or two lighter then my natural hair color. It's more vibrant then my roots, which is a nice mud brown. She showed me photos of her two kitties, a bengal (from a breeder) and a shelter kitty. The shelter cat is gorgous. He's a semi long hair that's white with ghost stripes. The stripes are an extremly light grey. Gorgous creature.
Somebody that was dropping something off told a story that I found apalling which is under the cut below.
Oh! I got my camera back! Because I had a 1 year warantee it was only $15. They shipped it to the manufacturer to have it completely cleaned and the bulb fixed. No more bleh shots with my Olympus!
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