April 22nd, 2005

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evil rat photos

Since it's Passover season, my mom has been giving me a lot of foods that aren't Passover friendly. The foods go to the rats (unless they aren't good for rats and then they go to family and friends).
Mom gave me some pasta, nuts of assortment, dried spagetti, cereals. So it all went into my "rattie treat" bin. I have been giving the rats the dried spagetti (Trader Joe's brand) and they are wild for it! I've never seen a rat go so mad for dried pasta.
Proof is behind the cut! The rats are June and Hermi. Hermi is the black and white blaze :)
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Weird Al -- with me

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Paranoid Disorder:Low
Schizoid Disorder:Moderate
Schizotypal Disorder:High
Antisocial Disorder:Moderate
Borderline Disorder:Moderate
Histrionic Disorder:Moderate
Narcissistic Disorder:High
Avoidant Disorder:Very High
Dependent Disorder:High
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Moderate

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Oi, I guess I'm more fucked up then I thought. I'm not surprised with some of the results.

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Weird Al -- with me

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Somebody came by today and dropped off some rescues. It was an older rat (over one) and a REALLY old rat (around 2 1\2)
She bought them from a PETsMART and is moving to a no pet apartment. So I took them. I won't bother to try to rehome them. These guys are older and have health issues (bad myco, one has head tilt, and one has a large tumor on his side that looks unoperable).
I'll just keep them and make sure they stay relatively healthy. Let them live out their lives here. She brought them in a ten gallon tank that was HORRIBLE. Urine and caked feces on the glass and the bedding was beyond gross (it was also ceder).
I moved them to one of my spare Martins. It's my smallest Martins but it's a palace compared to what they have! They had a water dish that was pretty gross and was on Kaytee rat food. I am slowly switching them to my mix and they have a water bottle.
These poor rats. :(
I'll try to get photos of them after I bathe them. They are pretty gross right now :-\

Speaking of rescues, I'm thinking of changing my rattery name to Scaredy Kat Ratz and Rescuez (or just Rescues).
I have decided to keep my breeding rats (my rattery colony) in my room. My rat room will be for the rescues. That way I can take in a lot of rescues if I need to.
I'm going to a shelter next weekened to pick up two females that have been there for a week. It's a high kill shelter that keeps their animals for only a few weeks before euthanizing them. I don't have time to get them now but I was told they still have a week before they are put down. I already have a home lined up for them. I'm picking them up because the person also wants to adopt a baby from me. I told her that I am keeping the rats for three weeks to make sure they don't have SDA. After the three weeks she can pick them up along with the baby, who will be ready to go.