March 31st, 2005

Weird Al -- with me

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The sure wire to beat insomnia. Drink a little red wine. That'll do it!
I may as well share my story with yall. On Friday we were delivering Shalchmuniz baskets (gifts of yummy food for the holiday of Purim). We went to a family friend and exhanged our yummies. I opened up their basket (they made it and gave to us) and went "yum Kedem grapejuice!"
I was really thirsty so I drink a little. I make a funny face. "This isn't grapejuice!"
Mom started laughing :D
It was wine! It was a small one person bottle of yummy Kedem red concord wine. I still have some. So whenever I can't get to sleep I drink about five small sips of it. I'm out like a light in less then two hours!
Weird Al -- with me

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Any Futurama fans check this out!
For those of you NOT in the know, Billy West is the voice of Phillip J. Fry, the bumblebee from the Honey Nut Cheerio commercials, the Ren and Stimpy from the last seasons.

Also, DO it man!
Sorrow, I'll be taking your photo today when I get home from class :]
To the rest of you, DO IT!!!! I'm taking my camera with me tomorrow so request! Don't make me a sad panda ;_;
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