March 25th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me

the homecoming queen has got a gun

Today's Purim. Had a crap load of homuntashins! Hmmmm. Made a shalecmunitz basket for Monsie. Shalecmunitz is a bag or basket of goodies taht you give to some people :]
We had dairy for lunch with some friends. Pizza and bagals while listening to the story of Purim. Tonight is dinner with those same friends plus others. London Broil, homestyle potatos, mushrooms (blech!).

I have an interview with the manager of PetCo this week. It's a good PetCo. The animals are seperated by sex, the cages\tanks aren't overcrowded, the rats are eating rat food (not hamster food!). The bedding it hemp, carefresh, and aspen :]
The current person in the rodents section actually knows things.
I also have an interview with Centinela Pets. That's a pet supply live animals sold.
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