March 22nd, 2005

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Somebody in one of the yahoo boards had a wonderful idea for World Rat Day. On that day you donate to a rat rescue. Be it a small animal rescue that just happens to have rats or a full blown rattie rescue. One dollar, two dollars, whatever you can manage. Another good option would be to add another rattie to the family. Not from a breeder or a pet store, but from a shelter or rescue. I know this isn't possible for everybody but it's just a thought. I am going to be doing something myself. Besides doing a donation I will be opening up a small scale rescue for special needs ratties. Little Big Head really touched and I want to take care of rats like him. I will still be breeding though. I will take hydro babies, tripods, rats with tumors that are beyond surgery (make their last months comfortable), rats with neurological disorders, ect. I won't take special needs rats that are extremely agressive though.

What will everybody else do during this rattie holiday?
Weird Al -- with me

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It's raining! Makes me happy that the earth will be cleansed. It also makes me relieved that I buried Little Big Head as deep as I did. The ground was soft so I got three feet down fairly fast. I buried him in a box that housed chocolates. I am planning on spreading some wild flower seeds on his grave to make it pretty. Right now I have a stone slab left over from making the backyard pathway. I also have some flowers on it and a windmill in the ground. I buried him near the pond. My brother, the insensitive jerk, said I should have fed the fish with his body >:o
I plan on breeding his mom in about two months. I'll probably breed her to the same male to get really good siamese again. This will also determine if the hydrocephalus was isolated or genetic. I think it was an isolated incident :-\
Gotta continue cleaning
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Weird Al -- with me

for new friends and people thinking of adding me

Name? - Sara Debrah Leah Alperin
Occupation? – I'm a poor unemployed student. I've been looking for a job forever
Age? - 21
Birthday? – June 19, 1983
Favorite color? – blue, purple, and pine green
Shoe size? – 10 and a half
Residence? - Los Angeles, California
Eye Color? - hazel. one eye is greyish green and the other is bluish grey
Hair Color? - light brown....dirty blond
Height? - 5'8
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