March 15th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me

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Wow this site kicks ass! I've been to this site many times but never saw this!

OMG!!! I just put my name in the lj drama generator and I got this!
feel so upset! yesterday at school my manager said to put in some overtime but like she's not going to pay for the overtime.

Oh and foxyspitfire added another meme to their journal. GOD I HATE THAT!!!1!one!

This entry automatically generated by the LJ Drama Generator!

I then kept doing it and got more people on my friend's list! I started to get weirded out then belial_rattie was mentioned. I figured out that it was another typical meme. I'm lame :)
Weird Al -- with me

Instead of posting it myself...

I really don't like my geography teacher. She treats us like stupid little kids. When we are doing a formula (math) she says "come on people this isn't hard!"
Um yes it IS hard for those of us with a learning disability that affects our math skills!
I raise my hand and say "It is hard for me. I have major trouble with math"
Her: "It shouldn't be hard. It's basic math!"
bah but it's basic math made into a formula! It isn't easy for me you asshat! (pictures Lesley laughing)
Bah. `