March 12th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me

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Veela is running around the room. She's a very pregnant lady and I have no cage to put her in. The two small cages I have went with Nadia, Amber, and Tatooine for my friend to keep them in. I will have to clean a tank out tonight. I hate cleaning tanks :(
I've noticed something upsetting. The rat room isn't good for young rats for some reason. I come in today to feed them and the two little ones (Andrea Gail and Muffin) are NOT doing well. I really don't know why. The room is insulated, they get plenty of food (I make sure they eat a bit before moving on to the next cage), they have plenty of water, the room is heated right now and they are with friendly ladies.
So I've decided that all new rats and babies from litters will be staying in my room until they reach a certain age or size. I won't risk their health for convienice :-\

On computer related news, I hate my Dell! It's slow as molasses! My Dell printer is a joke >:o
I would love a HP all in one printer with the camera hookup *drool*
Sims 2 is nice and all but I don't find it as fun as some people do. It's just as hard as the old Sims. The day goes by so fast and it's HARD to keep them happy. Oh well. It is a good game.
I'm still hooked on Dark Cloud 2 :D