March 10th, 2005

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I'm going to keep Little Big Head with Ariel and Phineas. Those two are the sweetest rats in the whole world and LBH's current cagemates are picking on him. I don't worry that he would try to mate with her. During my hydroc. research, I've learned that the males aren't interested in females, even when the female is in heat. Just to be safe, I'll be taking him out during her cycles and putting him back after it's over

Err nevermind. Phineas doesn't want to share his gal :P
Weird Al -- with me

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Didn't make it to schoo. I think I've suddenly become lactose intolerant :(
Everytime I have dairy I need to visit the toilet every 30 minutes for about 4 hours. I will NOT cut dairy from my life though. I will just limit my intake so my bathroom trips are less frequant. I had some chocolate milk this morning (10 am) and I'm still paying for it :(
On the plus side, mom bought me Sims2 from Target! She went there for some things and knew I was pining for that game. My mom rocks =o)
She also looked for those squares to build C&C cages with but they didn't have any. That Target sucks rat balls. Speaking of rat balls, I might neutar LBH and maybe Gimli. LBH because I want to house him with my lovely ladies and I don't want him to be one of the hydroc. rats that DOES have an interest in mating. Gimli because of his aggressive backround and I don't want to be tempted on breeding him. Of course, I *might* breed him but I doubt it. He's a nice boy for a pet but I don't know if I want to pass on his daddy's intestine ripping behavior ;)
I'm looking into getting some rats from Breakfast Bunch Rattery on the east coast.
My friend is coming over to pick up some ladies for her males to get jiggy with ;)
She'll be here very soon
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Today I got a packet from North Shore Animal League America. It contained a pledge for money (which I am happy to donate) and some mailing labels in my name with kitties and doggies on it.
Along with this, there were two short stories about two animals that they have\had. I shall share them with you. I typed this up exactly as it was on the paper
I scanned the letter to show you the animals in the stories
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