March 9th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me

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Ariel and Phineas are so adorable together. Since I think rats can love, these rats love each other. They groom each other like I haven't seem them groom other rats. They sleep together (not that way sadly). They share their food and boggle together. They are just happy together!
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Weird Al -- with me

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Arg! Dr. Latos doesn't work at Center Sinah anymore! I asked where he transferred to. Capri Animal Hospital in Tarzana. That isn't SO bad since Tarzana is right near Woodland Hills (where I go to college).
I guess I'll go to Center Sinah for minor things but I will go to Dr. Latos for the majority. I need to take Weasel to see him to see if surgery is needed.
This is the second time he's relocated. Oh well. I told him once "I am going to be following you. You leave here again and I will find you"
haha he was like "ooo stalker"
He rules. So I'm sure he won't be too surprised to see me ;)
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Weird Al -- with me

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Between classes yesterday I saw a poster on the bulletine board;
I'm graduating this year and need to find a home for my rabbit before I move to New York City. I'm looking for a home now so I do not have to worry about it a few months from now. Why not open your home to a bunny for Easter? My bunny is a strictly outdoor rabbit so I think you should keep her that way. I will give her to you free with her rabbit hutch and the bag of alfalfa that I have.
If interested please contact
(818) xxx-xxxx
Woodland Hills

I blocked out the number ;)

I'm glad he's looking for a home for the bun now but he should NOT have put that Easter blurb in there. And the strictly outdoors thing? I called him and asked him if the bun ever went into the house (under the ruse that I would want it to come into MY house). He said that "no the bun has been outdoors it's whole life and has never been into my house"

How lovely. We've had torrential rains and the area he probably is in is low lying. That bun probably had to build a canoe :(
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