March 8th, 2005

Weird Al -- with me

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Goddamn local channels with their city wide view. Don't bother showing the news of the rest of the country you jerks! Who cares if Mt. St. Helens blew! It's much more important to learn about the Micheal Jackson trial! I can't LIVE without hearing about today new releases! I don't care about what kind of damage the mountain caused. Let alone that I actually like hearing THAT kind of news!
Fuck you Los Angeles

Fuck you Yahoo front page news. You are up to the minutes with news and I also get stupid tv show line ups, Jackson, and the LA mayor election. I'm interested in knowing who's mayor but there is NO mention of Mt St Helens! Jerks

So now I find out it was just an explosion of an ash plume. No help to the goddamn tv. I had to type it in at
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Weird Al -- with me

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I want Sims2 :(

Until I get the money to get it (I have to pay Jess back first) I will play my Dark Cloud 2 game. Dark Cloud 2 just can't be picked up where you left off a half year ago. I was on chapter five but it was hard picking it back up. So I opened a new file.
Oh well.....

Little Big Head is doing a bit better. I need to call the vet for Weasel. His bad tooth is basically dead and it's chipping. The bottom tooth is getting too long and the gum where the bad tooth is has dissapered :-\