March 6th, 2005

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Wow! I've never had three litters adopted so quickly! The best part? A lot of this was from word of mouth! Somebody that bought three rats then later three more has spread word about my rattery. Now I got a buttload of UCLA students wanting ratties! Yay! This makes me feel very good. I had homes for 80% of those babies but about 20% (I'm terrible with %'s so I might be off) backed out on adoption. So I was left with a number of babies. I only have three girls and three boys now! Two boys *might* be spoken for and I might have the girls placed by the end of the week!
I'm very very happy about this. Now I can breed Tania, Ariel, and Veela without worrying about homes. I already have homes lined up for 5 girls and 7 boys and this is before I even mention them on my site! Woot!

I got your note Monique. You didn't have to reimburse me for the wheelchair :P
Thank you though. I put it in my rat money jar for my next trip to Whole Foods
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Weird Al -- with me

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Ugh. I need to tape OC on Thursday! I hate that stupid show but they're gonna show a sneak preview of Return of the Sith!!! Must...tape....OC!!!!
I won't be home for it so hopefully mom won't forget to press the record button. If she does I will surely scream!
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Weird Al -- with me


I just remembered a bitchen toy I used to have. It was this plastic textured mat with volcanos, trees, rivers, etc painted on. It came with hundreds of wittle dinosaurs. I would have so much fun with that :(
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Weird Al -- with me

My brother's a douch

Well mom slipped to Adam that I dropped that meteorology class. He hit the roof of course. "You signed up for that class, you need to stick by it! Dad used to get up at 4am!"
Wrongo! Dad got up at 4:45 so he could get to temple before work. Big difference!
Oh well. Mom is kinda upset because she thinks I'll drop all the classes but she realizes that 4am is rediculous (sp!)
I'm in the mood for Peter Pan and Star Wars. But I am saving Star Wars for when I go to Monique's house again! *mwahahahaa*
Gonna update my site again.
Phineas lost a bit of weight since Roswell died. You can feel his vertabrae now :(
I put him on the higher protein blocks and he's eating a lot of fatty foods. I want to NOT be able to feel his spine before I go back to his normal diet.
Oh yeah, my brother. That wasn't the only dumb thing. Mom keeps offering him his old bedroom set for his apartment. He doesn't want it! Want a moron! The furniture is REAL wood. Not that cheap crap he gets from Ikea (no offense to Ikea folks;)
So I'm getting his desk and dresser\book case :)
Mo, it's that bookcase\dwarer that is in the den if you remember ;)