December 19th, 2004

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The usual sad rat rescue case. A person dumps about 180 rats at the SFACC (San Fransisco Animal Care and Control).
If you would like to help Rattie Ratz with this major rescue go to the link I provided above. You can donate, adopt, or foster the rats. here is what they rescued (so far?)

Cage #1: 2 nursing moms and 9 baby girls (about 3 weeks old)
Cage #2: 1 nursing mom and 10 baby boys (about 3 weeks old)
Cage #3: 14 young girls (about 5-6 weeks old)
Cage #4: 14 young boys (about 5-6 weeks old)
Cage #5: 8 juvenile girls (2-4 months old - some were previously pregnant)
Cage #6: 6 juvenile boys (2-4 months old)

I myself want to foster some of the rats. The only problem is getting them down to Los Angeles. I have no way of getting up there. Do any Californians want to start a rat train to help rescue these rats? It might help find some more homes :)
Weird Al -- with me

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178 rats brought to animal shelter
- Patricia Yollin, Chronicle Staff Writer
Sunday, December 19, 2004

The San Francisco Department of Animal Care and Control has a rat

On Thursday, 178 domestic rats, stuffed into dog carriers, were
brought in.

"They're in great shape," said Melissa Flower of One at a Time
Rescue, a San Francisco nonprofit. "They're very affectionate."

She said the woman who delivered the rodents found them on her lawn,
in the carriers. Two injured rats and 20 pregnant ones were
euthanized, along with four litters born the first night. Another
rescue group has promised to take at least 80. The rest need homes.

"Rats are very social and communicative," said Flower, who has three
pet rodents. "They're very extroverted. They're kind of like dogs --
they respond to you."

The bubonic plague notwithstanding, Flower said domestic rats are
quite clean and don't carry disease.

Bill Hamilton, president and founder of Friends of Animal Care and
Control, said, "I've never heard of anything like this before. I'm
wondering whether they were from a lab. Who would keep that many

Anyone interested in adopting the homeless rodents should contact
Animal Care and Control at (415) 554-6364 (located at 1200 15th St.)
or consult or call the rescue group at (415)

That is just sad. That comment from the article about the plague pissed me off.
Bubonic plague came from the fleas. It came from the fleas off of Rattus rattus not Rattus norvegicus!!! Meaning the "plague carrying vermin" isn't even the same species as the fancy! Also, alot of historians think it's because of the lack of cats. There were witch killings during the time of the Plague. Cats were also killed (they were familiers *rolls eyes*). So because of the extreme lack of cats, the roof rat population exploded. That's just what I read.

Somebody from Rattie Ratz rescue will be coming down to Los Angeles. So I will take at least four older males (males are so god damn hard to place).
My philosphy is, if you are going to breed a species, then you better be prepared to help with rescue cases. Even if you can't keep them permenantly, you should have the funds and needs to foster or at least donate. Hell, do something! Breeders bring more of the animal into the world when there are PLENTY of needy animals of that species dying in shelters. The *least* we could do for those needy animals is foster, help adopt out, donate, or spread the word! Just my opinion :)
And I know there's some people that cannot take in rescues. I usually can't (right now I can), but being involved with a rescue group is at least something
So people in the LA area; spread the word. There is a way to get these rats down here! Now that there's a way, there's more home possibility opened up!