December 10th, 2004

Weird Al -- with me

Guess who got their first jury summons?

I got my thing from Pierce College back. They claim I didn't iclude a copy of my CA id. I know I did. *headdesk*. So I have to fax it. *groan*
Instructions: Take this list of authors, remove those whose efforts do not grace your shelves, and bring the list up to ten by adding some more that do. New paragraph indicates newly-added authors.

William Shakespeare
J.K. Rowling
Robin Cook
Clive Barker
James Rollins
Peter Benchley

Micheal Cricton
Christephor Pike
Jack London
Jules Verne
Stephen King
I wonder if I did that right
The Chaos thing looks like it will be ok. My mom called and mentioned that it was in my name. That said, she said that she thinks it was somebody on the east coast that has been bothering me and some other people. The person told us that if it is in my name it could very well be. They supervisor is to call us this morning. Maybe it will be over and we can go back with our lives.
I've only had 8 hours sleep in 48 hours. I am not a good person to be around. I wanted to watch Spiderman II with my mom but I fell alseep to VH1's 100 TV History Moments. Then I woke up at 1.
I'll probably be up for another hour. *cries*
There is ONE good thing about staying awake. And that is seeing the sunrise. Here's photos from yesterday's sunrise
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