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Am I nuts?

I'm a huge fan of Weird Al...I mean huge. He's my favorite person in the entire world and he's also my hero. He's helped me get through my teen years. Hey, it's okay to be weird. Look at this guy, he makes a living on being a weirdo! He's also saved my life....I mean that literally. He's pulled me out of the dark with his music.
Meeting him was surreal. I was prepared to be disappointed but when I met him and told him how much he's helped me he pulled me into a hug. It went beyond my expectations and my love for him is that possible!?
Anyway, I try to go to as many shows as I can but I'm really going overboard next month. I'm not just going to Vegas or Central California... Take a look at my schedule for August:
August 2: Fly to Las Vegas. I was originally going to drive but I drove to Vegas a few months ago and it killed my knee. x__x to Vegas and then drive 2 hours to Laughlin, NV
August 3rd: Concert in Laughlin!!! Then after the concert I drive back to Vegas
August 4th: Concert in Vegas!!!
August 5th: fly home from Vegas
August 12th: drive an hour and a half for the concert in Costa Mesa
August 13th: Drive 12 hours with my mom and a friend from Britain to Saratoga, CA
August 14th: Concert in Saratoga, CA (near San Jose)
August 15th: Drive 12 hours home from Saratoga, CA
August 18th: Fly to Portland, OR and meet up with a friend. Drive 6 hours to Medford, OR
August 19th: Concert in Medford, OR
August 20th: Drive 6 hours from Medford to Portland, OR
August 21st: Fly home from Portland, OR
August 24th: Pick up best friend from LAX and drive two hours to Ventura, CA
August 25th: relax
August 26th: Ventura concert!
August 27th: Drive two hours to drop off friend at LAX

THE END I nuts? xD

EDIT: Oh yeah! I'm going to New York City in October to see Craig Ferguson. If Al is within an easy train ride's distance from October 4th to October 12th you know I'll be seeing him there too! xD
Tags: concerts, sara's nuts, weird al yankovic, what i do for love xd

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