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oh hi guys :O

I wonder how many people still follow me...
The last year has been hectic. I've been fighting my depression and trying to keep myself busy with traveling. I want a job but...I just can't. The idea of a job fills me with horrible anxiety. I hope one day I can have one but right now I have more important things to worry about; my health.
I've gained so much weight this last year, I'm at a very scary weight. I'm in the process of joining a program that will prepare me for the surgery. I hope I can make it that far because my insurance won't let everybody have the surgery. I need it...nothing has been working and I'm terrified that I'll die before I hit 30.
I've been doing some traveling. I went back to the UK last July as well as June of this year. Last year I went with one of my best friends and this year I went with my mother.
I'm going to be traveling around next month to follow my favorite person in the entire world; Weird Al. ♥
Tags: depression, irl garbage, life, this is a post
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