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I can't describe my thoughts

I can't describe my thoughts on Troy Davis' execution but I can try. It was wrong. He was strung around for twenty years. Will they execute him? Will they not? He got a three hour window of even more torment. Then it was over, he was to be put to death. His family wasn't even allowed to be there at the end. No goodbyes for Troy Davis. He died surrounded by people that wouldn't mourn him. People that didn't care whether or not they were about to witness a potentially innocent man being killed by the state.
It's wrong. There was considerable doubt of his guilt. The death penalty carried out on a man that could very well be innocent? A man that had evidence pointing to his innocence? Considerable doubt that this was not the killer?
It's so very wrong.
The system failed him. The country failed him. We failed him.
Rest in peace, Troy. It's a crime what happened to you, may you find peace wherever your next path takes you.

One last thing. Will this make the country wake up and realize that we need to change things? I doubt it and that breaks my heart just as much as Troy's death.
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