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It was my third time meeting him. Well fourth if you count when I was eight and didn't even remember...I'm so thankful that he's easily accessible to his fans. The man is my absolute hero, has been since I was 10. I've loved his music since I was six but he became my hero when I hit the big double digit birthday. He's helped me get through school, get through bullying...he helped me. I didn't give up. I saw that somebody awkward, intelligent, nerdy, and weird was well liked. Here was this goofy musician making it big on an accordion of all things! I personally think accordions are cool but I know it's not really popular. But there he was being popular and being helped me think that maybe I could be well liked even though I'm awkward and weird.
Love him ♥

Oh, hi by the way! I'm not dead :P
Tags: al yankovic, childhood, hero, weird al, weird al yankovic

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